We promote a tailor-made art tourism, targeting the experienced travellers who already visited the world most important artistic sites.

After only 12 years in business, Ars et Musica has established itself in all the Milan area, realising more than a thousand initiatives and attracting above 20,000 visitors.

We specialise in focused, single-topic cultural travels, designed as itineraries that tie together art, architecture, music and nature; the approach is thus radically different from a traditional travel agency, and the participant walks through the site in a full cultural and emotional immersion.

Our highly skilled teachers (specialised in each historical era and geographical area involved) have more than ten years of experience: their fresh and direct style is a constant expression of their will for giving each participant an emotion and a crisp memory to keep with.

On this website you will find our full program of travels, along with an archive of our past initiatives and a detailed description of our concert activities.

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