Ruggero Cioffi

“Playing with Ruggero is always a great pleasure: many know him as a cultural adviser, to me he is first of all a great organist.” — Francesco De Angelis, concertmaster of the Teatro alla Scala

“Every time I know that it will not be the usual concert… The audience listens spellbound, entertained with rich notions of anecdotes and trivia, then when we play in places like the beautiful “Villa delle Delizie”, concerts are a real time travel!” — Luisa Prandina, first harp of the Teatro alla Scala

“His performance is amazing, full of original ideas, at last! A reference reading!” – Roberto Paruzzo, pianist, regarding the execution of the Toccata and Fugue in D minor of J.S. Bach

These expressions outline very well the particularities of the artistic profile of Ruggero Cioffi, a multi-faceted process, built through a continuous and tireless research to interpret this form of art – music -contextualising it as an expression of the historical and social moment in which it was produced.

Since childhood, Ruggero Cioffi has conceived music as an aspect of a more rich, complex and multi-faceted world… Animated by a strong desire to share the fruits of its research and happy to put at ease all those who love music, Ruggero Cioffi has therefore begun to propose initiatives of art tailored with a well-kept teaching approach, a real path able to guide and train the general public of his supporters to a reading of music as an expression of intense human emotions and the historical and social conditions that produced them.

This unique teaching and training project, difficult to implement and almost completely absent in large concert halls around the world, prompted Ruggero Cioffi to create the Ars et Musica Association. With the calendar of “Paths of Art” events, it has since 2002 made 350 initiatives and involved more than 26,000 people of the north-west territory of Milan.

Ruggero Cioffi al clavicembalo
Ruggero Cioffi al clavicembalo

The concert player

Ruggero Cioffi graduated in June 2000 in Organ and Composition at the “G. Verdi” Conservatory in Milan under the guidance of Maestro Giancarlo Parodi, achieving the highest marks.

In February 2001, he won the national (for the organ) hearings held by the Gioventù musicale d’Italia. In January 2003, he successfully completed the two-year post-diploma of advanced specialization (bachelor of music) at the “G. Verdi” in Milan under the guidance of Prof. Ivana Valotti.

He improved later with great organists from across the Alps, where he studied German, French and Italian baroque music. As a performer he has travelled in Italy, France and Switzerland, playing at major festivals and festivals and collaborating as a soloist with leading orchestras.

Since 2008, his frequent collaborations with Francesco De Angelis and Luisa Prandina, respectively, the first violin and harp soloist of the Teatro alla Scala Orchestra.

Noteworthy is the commitment expressed within educational music: since 1993 he has been teaching and volunteering as a lecturer at various Universities of the Third Age and other cultural institutions.


The organizer of cultural events

Alongside his career as a professional performer and teacher, he organizes cultural events. Working on an ongoing basis with the municipality of Arese he has followed the organization and management of hundreds of events, involving in 20 years more than 20,000 people. Specifically, he founded and directed for seven years the exhibition “AreseConcerti” for the Department of Culture of the City of Arese. In 1996, the Polo Culturale Insieme Groane asked him to artistically create and manage various concert series at the historic Villa La Valera.

In 2000 he designed the “Paths of Art”, an initiative aimed at promoting guided art tourism that stands out as the only one of its kind in the outskirts of Milan. In 2002 he founded the Cultural Association Ars et Musica on which the City of Arese still relies for the management of “Paths of Art,” the exhibition “Happy Hour in the house with the Artist” and other cultural summer initiatives.

In 2010, as an organizer, performer and teacher, he participated in the celebrations of the “Alfa Romeo Centenary”, an event that involved more than 5,000 people with ample resonance with audiences and critics.


In November 2010, he referred to the ISO 9000 Committee his work under the artistic direction of all administrative processes related to the Office of Cultural Events of the Municipality of Arese, obtaining quality certification.

In recognition of its ongoing and profitable commitment, his cultural projects were granted in 2004 and 2010 the patronage of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, the Region of Lombardy and of the province of Milan.

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